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Louis Markus

TonySporando-LouisMarkus-MortLindseyI follow your Action Bowlers website.  It brings back a lot of memories.  My family owned bowling alleys/establishments throughout the NY/NJ area.  My father, Louis Markus, was a bowling proprietor dating back to 1920’s.  He owned several establishments and a company named American Bowling and Billiards which manufactured all equipment (bowling lanes, bowling pins, benches tables, etc) required for a bowling establishment.  He was also a sponsor of a team in the old Bowlmor Majors.
My family owned Jamaica Arena, the establishment mentioned in the Kenny Barber tribute where he bowled 876.  Hollywood Lanes on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park was Kenny’s home house in his early days.  It was always a show to see Kenny in perform, whether on the lanes or just entertaining the guys.  When I knew him his knick name was “The Kid”.  He had an older brother Bruce, who Kenny surpassed at a young age.
Count Gengler, later in life, became a thoroughbred horse trainer.  My father owned race horses and Count Gengler trained his horses.  I have attached a picture of Mort Lindsey, Tony Sporando, Louis Markus (my father), the fourth person I am not sure of, taken in one of my father’s establishments.
From-Bill-MarkusI have also attached two pictures of early 20th century bowling alleys and one picture of a handout card from Radio City Bowling and Billiards, one of my fathers establishments.
As for myself I was involved in the action as a B class bowler.  I could pick off some home house action and would follow the action to Woodhaven Lanes, Yonkers Bowl, Ridgewood Lanes, Falcaros, etc.  It was, my misspent youth but I loved that time.  I learned some valuable life lessons which served me very well in my bowling afterlife.
From-BillMarkus2Thank you for documenting the “action bowling” life and sharing the stories.  It was such a big part of my life even as a B player and it is great to read the stories and enjoy the memories.
Bill Markus
Ridgefield, CT 06877