ABC Performance Hall of Fame:

ABC Performance Hall of Fame:

Cornelius, Ore.
Born: April 27, 1938
Died: Aug. 14, 2001
Inducted 1986

The 1970s Bowler of the Decade was the sports first millionaire and owns more professional championships than anyone else with 45. His ABC Tournament record also is outstanding with two Masters titles, a team all events championship and 13 other top 10 finishes. Retired from competition after earning nearly every accolade the sport affords, Anthony more recently has served as color commentator on ABCs Brunswick World Team Bowling Challenge and other television shows. He was selected Master of the Millenium by Bowling Magazine readers.

Costa Mesa, Calif.
Born: July 14, 1946
Inducted 1998

Asher won four ABC Tournaments and 10 PBA titles between the mid-1960s and and mid-1980s. His first ABC title was in 1972 when he took Classic doubles with Carmen Salvino. He added Classic team top spots in 1975 and 1976 with Munsingwear No. 2 and won all events in 1985 with a 2,033 total. He also finished second in the 1969 Masters and has seven other top 10 ABC Tournament finishes.

Los Angeles
Born: Nov. 29, 1905
Died: April 20, 1982
Inducted 1978

Asplund did not start bowling until age 21 after watching pot games in a Denver bowling center. But he carried a 200 average and owned nearly every tournament title in the Northwest. His ABC Tournament debut in 1930 resulted in two top 10 finishes, and his record for winning big money in the Petersen Classic was unparalleled. He cashed 11 times in 16 tries, claiming more than $11,000, big money at that time. Asplund accumulated 15 other tournament titles.

Indianapolis, Ind.
Born: March 24, 1960
Inducted 2001

Aulby is the only bowler to win three ABC Masters titles (1989, 1995, 1998) and is a 27-time PBA Tour titlist. Among his PBA titles are two PBA National Championships, one U.S. Open, one Tournament of Champions and one Touring Players Championship. In addition to his 75 other PBA titles, he has 75 other top five finishes including second, third and fourth places in both the Tournament of Champions and PBA National Championship. With more than $2 million in PBA career earnings, Aulby is a four-time Bowler of the Year, two-time Steve Nagy Sportsmanship award winner and George Young High Average Award winner in 1995.

Born: Aug. 20, 1939
Inducted 1987

Baer was selected the top non-professional in the world for his 1980 achievements by the Bowlers Journal. That same year he became the second player in ABC Tournament history to roll consecutive 2,000 nine-game all events totals, the latter helping Hal Lieber Trophies to the team and team all events titles. He also won a team all events title in 1973 with Skyway Lanes.

Sharon, Pa.
Born: Sept. 12, 1929
Inducted 1991

The former Sharon, Pa. barber provided some of the most exciting moments in ABC Masters history to win the 1972 title when he came from the losers bracket to defeat defending champion Jim Godman with clutch strikes in the final frames of both matches. He won five ABC titles including the Masters crown. In 1981, Beach captured his second PBA title by winning the first PBA seniors tournament in New Orleans.

Born: Oct. 7, 1904
Died: March 8, 1995
Inducted 1958

Benkovic is the only bowler to win successive doubles championships in the ABC Tournament. He bowled on several prominent teams in Milwaukee and also bowled with leading teams in Cincinnati and Kansas City when his sales position with Brunswick took him to those cities.

Muscatine, Iowa
Born: Dec. 24, 1943
Inducted 1994

Berlin became the first Iowa-based bowler elected to the ABC Hall of Fame. He has won several big titles including the 1970 ABC Tournament all events and the 1977 Tournament of Champions. The 1976 PBA Rookie of the Year also won the 1968 Petersen Classic in Chicago. He was the first bowler inducted into the Quad Cities Hall of Fame.

Old Forge, Pa.
Born: April 13, 1910
Died: Sept. 8, 1992
Inducted 1982

Billick was the first bowler to roll more than 15 perfect games in ABC sanctioned competition. His total of 17 was the top ABC total for many years and was compiled over a 25-year span in 10 different establishments. His best ABC Tournament series came in 1978 with a 664 in singles at age 68. In the 1949-50 season, he bowled in eight leagues a week in Wilkes-Barre, Old Forge and Scranton.

Blue Island, Ill.
Born: Dec. 1, 1886
Died: April 6, 1947
Inducted 1953

Blouin made his mark on the lanes in the days when challenge matches were the determining factor for the stamp of greatness. Blouin possessed steely nerves and a strong, slow curve ball he seemed to push rather than roll. For many years he took on all comers in the Chicago area and around the nation. Blouin won the ABC Tournament all events title in 1909 and captured the singles title two years later.

St. Louis
Born: Dec. 31, 1927
Inducted 1973

Bluths intense concentration, especially in developing a delivery of near mathematical perfection, made him one of the most consistent top performers for more than 15 years. Bluth, who owns two ABC Tournament titles, rolled the first 300 game in the ABC Masters finals in 1962. His 806 for the first three games of that series was a Masters record for 24 years and came three years after winning the event. Bluth bowled 267, 267, 300 in the St. Louis Budweisers longtime record three-game 3,858 total.

Born: Jan. 16, 1897
Died: April 26, 1970
Inducted 1941

Bodis came to national attention when he set a then ABC Tournament record eight consecutive all events totals above 1,800 in the 1925-32 period. Included was a team title in 1924. Bodis was an outstanding team bowler for many years in the Cleveland area and was particularly noted for bowling in street shoes to which he added a rubber heel for sliding. He was the first man to head the ABC Tournament 10-year average listings, starting with a 205.20 figure in 1934.

Born: Sept. 27, 1916
Died: Nov. 17, 1989
Inducted 1966

In addition to his 1956 team and team all events ABC Tournament championships and three BPAA titles, including the 1944 All-Star, Bomar accumulated no less than 38 other tournament titles. Those included three Petersen Classic crowns, the Texas B.A. all events twice and all events titles in three Texas local associations, Wichita Falls, Fort Worth and Dallas. Bomar was one of bowlings most articulate and prominent instructors. For many years while on the Brunswick exhibition staff, he conducted clinics around the nation.

Camp Hill, Pa.
Born: May 5, 1951
Inducted 2001

Bower is a lifelong Eastern bowling star who achieved national and international fame in the 1970s. He established this reputation by winning the 1970 ABC Tournament team all events title and later would win the 1978 ABC team all events title while finishing second in all events that same year. He also has six other ABC Tournament top 20 finishes. Bowler competed on the United States team in the 1979 Federation Internationale des Quilleurs World Championships in the Phillipines. In 1985 he finished third in the ABC Masters.

Lockport, N.Y.
Born: Dec. 14, 1902
Died: April 17, 1982
Inducted 1960

One of bowlings feisty little men, Brandt was a battler to his final days. Best known for holding the record for highest three game series in ABC sanctioned competition for 49 years, 297-289-300, 886 in 1939. Brandt was well known and respected in the Western New York area for his prowess on the lanes and his fierce determination. Despite his 55, 130-pound stature, Brandt proved he had the stamina to handle pressure over the long haul, finally finishing second to Andy Varipapa in the final contest of the 100 game 1946 All-Star.

Born: May 30, 1920
Died: Aug. 16, 1981
Inducted 1976

Brosius was one of the top stars of several Chicago teams and joined his old captain and teammate Paul Krumske of Chicago in the Hall of Fame. He was a member of four BPAA championship teams. Brosius owned 13 other tournament titles.

Born: Jan. 23, 1912
Died: Jan. 2, 1971
Inducted 1967

Bujack won more ABC Tournament championships (eight) than any other bowler until fellow Hall of Famers Bill Lillard and Nelson Burton Jr. tied his mark. He and three other Hall of Fame members, Therm Gibson, Lou Sielaff and George Young, were the nucleus of the E&B/Pfeiffer team formed in 1944. It won three ABC Tournament titles and four team all events titles (two of each as Pfeiffer Beer) between 1949-55, constantly battling the great Strohs teams for the supremacy of Detroit and the nation. Among Bujacks 14 other tournament championships were five more team titles in BPAA events.

Fresno, Calif.
Born: Oct. 20, 1919
Inducted 1968

Bunetta, in addition to top-flight individual performances for two decades, gained great respect as one of the games finest instructors. Many young professionals came to Bunetta for advice in the early stages of their careers. He was a member of several famous teams, among them E&B and Pfeiffers of Detroit and Munsingwear of Chicago. He owns five ABC Tournament titles and in 1960 won a PBA title in Fairless Hills, Pa.

St. Louis
Born: Nov. 25, 1906
Died: May 13, 1994
Inducted 1964

Burton spent most of his early years in Dallas, moving to St. Louis in 1938. In addition to his brilliant ABC Tournament career, which included a doubles title in 1937, he was considered one of the top head-to-head match game stars in the 1930s and 1940s. A fearless competitor, Burton was particularly noted for risking his own money in these matches instead of depending on sponsors.

St. Louis
Born: June 5, 1942
Inducted 1981

In 1981, Burton was elected his first year on the ballot. He joined his father Nelson Sr. as the first father-son combination inducted into the performance section. Burton highlighted his professional career by winning the 1976 ABC Masters. His record eight ABC titles ties him with fellow Hall of Famers Fred Bujack and Bill Lillard. For many years, he handled the color commentary on ABC-TVs PBA telecasts. He was nominated for an Emmy in the sports analyst category in 1982, 1983, 1985 and 1987.

Dumont, N.J.
Born: March 23, 1905
Died: Aug. 31, 1989
Inducted 1968

Campi, a righthander, ended his slide at the foul line on his right foot. That unorthodox finish stemmed from his having played Italian bocci as a youth. Campi won the first PBA tournament, the Empire Open in Albany, N.Y. in 1959. He and fellow Hall of Famer Al (Lindy) Faragalli were stars of the fabled Faber Cement Block that was the highest scoring team in the East in the 1950s and early 60s. In 1947, he won the BPAA Doubles with Hall of Famer Andy Varipapa and again in 1957 with Faragalli.

Born: June 23, 1897
Died: Jan. 16, 1967
Inducted 1941

Carlson bowled with such famous Chicago teams as Pabst, Birk Bros., Joseph L. Gill and St. Paul Federal Savings. He was noted for the way in which he whipped the ball off a 2 1/2 step delivery. Carlson came to the United States in 1912 and started bowling a year later. In 1928, he defeated Charley Daw for the match game championship and defended successfully against fellow ABC Hall of Famer Walter (Skang) Mercurio before losing in 1929 to Joe Scribner.

Born: July 29, 1926
Inducted 1970

Voted the greatest bowler in history in a 1971 Bowling Magazine poll, Carter was the first star to score a grand slam of bowlings match game titles. He won the All-Star, Worlds Invitational, PBA National and the ABC Masters. He also owns four ABC titles. Carter started as a youth with the veteran Hermann Undertakers of St. Louis, then went to the Ziern Antiques whose lineup included Ray Bluth, Pat Patterson and Tom Hennessey. After two years with the Pfeiffers of Detroit, he returned to St. Louis when the Budweiser team was organized in 1954. He bowled 266, 253, 235 in the Buds longtime record 3,858 series in 1958.

Born: 1897
Died: Jan. 9, 1967
Inducted 1977

Caruana was the first to roll consecutive 300 games. His 1,115 four-game record, which included the back-to-back 300s, stood for 50 years before being tied in 1974. Caruana followed the perfect games with 247 and 268. He also had a successful ABC Tournament career, including three finishes in the top 10 of all events.

Rahway, N.J.
Born: Aug. 15, 1904
Died: Dec. 20, 1972
Inducted 1972

Cassio was brought to this country at age 5 in 1909. He took up bowling in 1930 and, despite a partially crippled right hand suffered in a work accident, he mastered the game quickly. He bowled with leading Eastern teams, among them Bowlers Journal and Wagner & Adler, and his teammates included Hall of Famers Tony Sparando, Lou Campi and Al (Lindy) Faragalli. In 1946, he led the ABC Tournament 10-year average list with 203. That same year he starred in AMFs first bowling film, Ten Pin Magic. His impressive tournament record included 15 titles.

New York
Born: July 2, 1917
Died: Aug. 29, 1964
Inducted 1976

Castellano was the first to roll a 300 game on live television during an Eastern All-Star league session at Newark (N.J.) Recreation on Oct. 4, 1953. His five victories in major match game competition. The World-Telegram and Newsday Eastern Open, each of 96 to 124 games in length - is an achievement never equalled by an East Coast bowler. He was a star with the Faber Cement Blocks, whose lineups included fellow ABC Hall members Lou Campi, Al (Lindy) Faragalli, Tony Sparando and Chuck Pezzano.

The Villages, Florida
Born: Dec. 2, 1948
Inducted 2005

Chamberlain was a member of the Strohs Beer team that won the 1980 ABC Tournament team title and finished third in 1981. He also has five other ABC Tournament top 20 finishes and holds a 205 average for 37 tournaments.

As a PBA Tour player, Chamberlain earned two titles including the 1984 PBA National Championship. His success continued into the senior pro ranks where he won four titles. Chamberlain was the 2003 PBA Senior Player of the Year and has earned three Bowling Magazine Senior All-America team honors.

Old Forge, Pa.
Born: March 29, 1913
Died: Nov. 26, 1977
Inducted 1980

Clause won $67,000 on two televised bowling shows. The former high school English and history teacher caught the attention of AMF in 1957 and eventually traveled the world for the company instructing men, women and children in the tenpin sport. He authored two books on bowling and had a syndicated bowling column, which was carried by hundreds of newspapers. He earned seven tournament titles in the East.

Born: Nov. 1, 1927
Inducted 1985

Cohn long has been one of Chicagos leading bowlers. He reached his national peak in the 1971 ABC when he won both the singles and all events titles. He later added two more ABC titles. He won gold medals in the five and eight man team events in the 1977 FIQ American Zone tournament.

Tucson, Ariz.
Born: July 8, 1949
Inducted 1999

Colwell captured three ABC Tournament titles - the 1974 Masters, 1976 Classic doubles with Don Johnson and 1977 team with Columbia 300. He also won eight PBA titles from 1972-76 including the 1976 PBA National Championship. He was runner-up in the 1979 ABC Classic singles and enjoyed eight other top 20 finishes, all in the old Classic division.

Titusville, Florida
Born: June 2, 1945
Inducted 2004

Couture developed his skills at the local and state level in his native New England winning more than 20 state and local association titles in Maine and Connecticut. A five-time PBA Tour titlist, Couture made a successful transition into the senior ranks highlighted by ABC Senior Masters titles in 1998 and 2002. He also has five other top 10 Senior Masters finishes to his credit. In addition to his Senior Masters crowns, Couture earned seven other PBA Senior Tour titles. He was named PBA Senior Player of the Year and Bowling Magazine Senior Player of the Year in 1998. Among his other notable accomplishments were a third and sixth place finish in the 1986 and 1980 Masters, respectively, a second place ABC Tournament team finish in 1994 and a 203 ABC Tournament average for 20 years.

Born: May 2, 1895
Died: Jan. 30, 1992
Inducted 1962

Crimmins was a controversial person from whose fiery temperament stemmed his nickname The General. One story was that he toured as The Masked Marvel, but few were the bowling followers in the Detroit area who did not readily recognize Crimmins in his heyday. The one-time ABC titlist was the first bowler elected to the Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame. In the 1937 Elks national tournament, he shared in all four titles - team, doubles, singles, all events.

West Palm Beach, Fla.
Born: April 28, 1942
Inducted 1990

Davis was a top contender through the 1960s and 70s on the PBA tour. He was the first lefthander to win a major match game championship when he captured the PBA National crown in 1965 at age 23. After suffering through some non-winning years, he returned to form in 1975 by winning three titles and being elected to Bowling Magazines All-America first team for the fourth time. He won the ABC Tournament Classic singles title in 1968, the same year he won the Tournament of Champions. He won consecutive ABC Senior Masters titles in 1995 and 1996.

Born: April 12, 1894
Died: Jan. 18, 1947
Inducted 1941

Daw was a mainstay of the Heil Products team that included four other future Hall of Famers - Hank Marino, Ned Day, Billy Sixty and Gil Zunker. He was a soft-spoken person still remembered for rolling one of the greatest hook balls, a noteworthy feat in an era when the widesweeping curve ball was the vogue. In 1936, he was on the team that bowled special matches in Germany before the Olympics. His tournament titles include three in the ABC Tournament.

Born: Nov. 11, 1911
Died: Nov. 26, 1971
Inducted 1952

A three-time ABC champion, Day was one of the first to make extensive exhibition and match game tours. He was one of the games great stylists, who excelled in speaking, instructing and promotion work, and he performed in film shorts produced in Hollywood by Pete Smith. He won the All-Star title in 1943, and his 23 other titles include nine championships in BPAA national events. Day was named BWAA Bowler of the Year in 1943 and 1944, and he was selected to Bowling Magazines Pre-1950 All-America team.

Edmond, Okla.
Born: March 26, 1943
Inducted 1992

Dickinson long was among the steadiest performers on the pro tour. His breakthrough came in 1971 when he won the ABC Tournament Classic all events title and finished third in two other events. Dickinson had one of his best years in 1983 when he won the U.S. Open and earned $60,000. He continued strong in 1997, winning the ABC Senior Masters. He was the recipient of the PBAs Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Award in 1972, 1973 and 1974 and was 1993 PBA Senior Player of the Year.

Clermont, Florida
Born: March 25, 1964
Inducted 2002

Duke was always a crowd favorite among PBA fans and a member of that organizations Millionaire Club. Elected during his prime, hed won 19 PBA titles at the time of his election. The righthander also was a six-time Bowling Magazine All-America selection and two-time Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Year in 1994 and 2000. Before the turn of the century he owned three major titles, the 1993 ABC Masters, 1994 Tournament of Champions and 2000 PBA National Championship. Duke became the youngest player in history to win a PBA title when he captured the Cleveland Open at age 18. That led him to become the youngest ABC Hall of Fame electee at age 37.

Cana, Va.
Born: Nov. 20, 1882
Died: Aug. 14, 1961
Inducted 1963

Truly one of bowlings nomads, Easter spent the majority of his life between military assignments and bowling centers. In fact in 1938, bowling in his first ABC Tournament came at the same time as his Army re-enlistment, and he chose to bowl and his rank dropped from first sergeant to private. He won his only ABC title in 1950 at age 67 and teamed with then 21 year old Ed Lubanski, another eventual Hall of Famer, to capture the BPAA National Doubles title in 1950. In 1953, at age 70, Easter bowled a 300 game, then repeated the feat two years later when he posted his fourth perfect game.

Born: Sept. 4, 1928
Inducted 1981

Ellis teamed with fellow Hall of Famer Joe Kristof to win the 1961 ABC Classic doubles title and was runnerup to Billy Welu in the 1965 ABC Masters. He re-emerged into the spotlight through the Great and the Greatest competition. He teamed with Mark Roth to win the 1979 championship and made the TV finals again in 1980. He has won several association titles in Texas and Illinois, including three Houston B.A. titles, two Texas B.A. and two Illinois B.A. titles. He also won the 1955 Petersen Classic.

Lawrence, N.Y.
Born: Jan. 3, 1896
Died: Sept. 6, 1951
Inducted 1975

Falcaro was one of bowlings most controversial and highly publicized figures. He gained fame throughout the country in his early years as a trick bowler and gave many benefit bowling exhibitions under the sponsorship of the Coca-Cola Co. His greatest accomplishment among five tournament titles was winning the National Match Game championship from Joe Scribner in 1929. He later defended the title against Scribner but forfeited it in 1933.

Wayne, N.J.
Born: Dec. 12, 1911
Died: Jan. 1997
Inducted 1968

Faragalli starred with leading Eastern teams, particularly the high-scoring Faber Cement Blocks. He was a teammate of and often a doubles partner with fellow Hall of Famers such as Lou Campi, Chuck Pezzano, Tony Sparando and Graz Castellano. He hit a television jackpot on June 18, 1957 when he rolled a 300 game worth $10,000 on a film series in Chicago. He had an 835 series on that show and had total earnings of $17,000. One year later he won his only ABC title.

Delton, Mich.
Born: Feb. 7, 1908
Died: Feb. 16, 1993
Inducted 1963

Fazio captained the Strohs Beer team for nine seasons, then moved to St. Louis in 1957 to form the Falstaff Beer team. The three-time ABC champion had been a star in Akron, Ohio, before joining Strohs in 1947. In the fall of 1955, he won seven straight live television matches in Chicago. He also had an 802 in Detroit, the first live 800 ever televised. He won the 1955 Masters before losing the 1968 title to Pete Tountas, 29, who came out of the losers bracket to win both matches in the double elimination finals.

Born: Nov. 14, 1954
Inducted 1993

The youngest person to be elected to the ABC Hall of Fame, Fehr had a successful career in amateur, international and professional competition until wrist surgery in June 1986 ended his touring pro career. Fehrs success in international competition came during the 1981 FIQ American Zone Tournament in Winnipeg, Canada, winning two golds and a silver medal. He showed in 1989, however, that he can still fare well as he and wife Nancy captured the Brunswick Gold Rush National Mixed Doubles event in Las Vegas. He also won the 1994 ABC Bud Light Masters. Fehr, the 1981 Bowlers Journal Amateur Bowler of the Year, has captured three ABC Tournament titles and has nine top 10 finishes.

Milwaukee, Wis.
Born: Sept. 15, 1907
Died: March 14, 1989
Inducted 1968

A one-time ABC champion, Gersonde was one of the tallest of the leading bowlers at 6-4 1/2. He bowled on Milwaukees best teams for many years. Gersonde won 12 major doubles titles, seven with Bert Barkow, four with fellow Hall of Famer Frank Benkovic and one with Ernie Imse. His five Wisconsin B.A. all events titles is an all-time record.

Born: Jan. 30, 1917
Died: March 28, 1969
Inducted 1965

He won seven ABC championships as a member of the fabled E&B/Pfeiffer lineup that included George Young, Fred Bujack and Lou Sielaff, all deceased, and Chuck ODonnell, Don Carter and Bill Bunetta. All are in the ABC Hall of Fame. He once bowled a 268 triplicate. Gibson won $75,000 for rolling six straight strikes on the Jackpot Bowling TV show on Jan. 2, 1961. He also was a member of five BPAA team champions under the E&B banner and his other tournament titles number 18.

Melbourne, Fla.
Born: Jan. 5, 1946
Died: May 3, 2001
Inducted 1987

Godman was one of the ABC Tournaments most prolific bowlers during the 1970s. He thrilled the crowd at the 1974 ABC Tournament by unleashing 67 strikes and a 2,184 all events total. He was the first man in ABC Tournament history to record three 700 series in one Tournament. Godmans performance in the 1974 ABC Tournament resulted in his two ABC championships, but he had success on ABC Tournament lanes before that. He also rolled 11 consecutive 1,800 all events totals from 1968-78 and shot a 299 game in Classic doubles in 1974. He reached another personal high in 1969 when he won the Tournament of Champions, a title he won again in 1973.

Belleville, Mich.
Born: Dec. 6, 1953
Inducted 1996

Goike won the 1984 ABC all events title with a then record 2,142 and established a 10-year average record in 1993 with 218. Since his title he has accumulated six other ABC Tournament top 10 finishes including the 1997 and 1998 team all events titles. A first alternate for TEAM USA 1995, he earned a silver medal in the team event of the 1995 U.S. Olympic Festival.

Born: July 31, 1929
Died: Jan. 25, 1998
Inducted 1979

Sportswriters tagged Golembiewski with the name Billy G early in his career, and that was the way he was known to thousands who watched him perform. The 5 8, 135 pounder was a great example of how little men can do big things in the bowling game. He won the ABC Masters championship for the first time in 1960, then won it again in 1962, a feat only three other men, Hall of Famers Billy Welu, Dick Hoover and Earl Anthony, have been able to accomplish. He also won three other ABC titles.

Syracuse, N.Y.
Born: Feb. 23, 1910
Died: July 20, 2006
Inducted 1995

Griffo competed in his 60th ABC Tournament in 1996 one year after his induction to the ABC Hall of Fame. The next day, he became only the fourth player in Tournament history to surpass 100,000 pins. The 52 righthander carried the highest average in Syracuse for 30 years. Nationally, he won the 1957 Petersen Classic and 1961 Vargo Classic and was winner of the Bowling Writers Association of Americas 1985 Rip Van Winkle Award for accomplishments 20 or more years previous.

Edmonds, Wash.
Born: Jan. 19, 1936
Inducted 1988

Still an active bowler in the Seattle area, Guenther owns two ABC Tournament Classic championships and gained national acclaim when he rolled a 300 game on television during a PBA tournament in San Jose, Calif. in 1969. He rolled an 809 league series at age 18 and continued to develop into one of the Northwests top stars. He earned PBAs Steve Nagy Sportmanship award in 1966 and 1967 and shared it in 1970.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Born: February 2, 1927
Inducted 2004

Hanson achieved fame in ABC Tournament competition and in the international arena. He was a member of one of the most dominant teams in ABC tournament history, the Hamms Beer team in the 1960s and 70s. An eventual second place, 3,029 score in Regular Team, vaulted his team to the 1965 ABC Tournament Team All-Events title. In 1970 and 1972, Hansons Hamms team also captured the Regular Team titles. As an international competitor, he won gold medals in five-player and eight-player team competition in the 1971 FIQ World Championships. In the 1974 FIQ American Zone Championships in Caracas, Venezuela, he earned a silver medal in eight-man team and a bronze in doubles with partner Ron Woolet. At the local and state level, Hanson was also a dominant player winning more than 30 titles in his native Minnesota.

Memphis, Tenn.
Born: July 25, 1941
Inducted 1985

Hardwick was voted to Bowling Magazines Post-1950 All-America team. He literally burst into national bowling prominence when he won seven PBA titles and two ABC Tournament crowns within three years after entering the pro ranks in 1963-64. All of this came after failing to cash in a single PBA tournament in 1962.

Norcross, Ga.
Born: Aug. 14, 1937
Inducted 1994

Hart was a standout with Detroits Strohs and Goebel Beer teams and won three ABC Tournament titles in 1974. The 1954 National Junior Singles champion won five titles as U.S. representative in the 1974 Tournament of the Americas.

St. Louis
Born: May 11, 1925
Died: July 16, 2001
Inducted 1976

Hennessey was a member of the Ziern Antiques of St. Louis, whose lineup included fellow Hall of Famers Ray Bluth, Pat Patterson and Don Carter in the beginning stages of their careers. He left St. Louis to bowl with the Strohs in Detroit and later returned to join the great Budweisers. He shot 759, including a 300 game, when the Buds bowled the record 3,858 series in 1958. He won four ABC Tournament titles in four years between 1962-65.

Akron, Ohio
Born: Dec. 15, 1929
Inducted 1974

Hoover made his ability apparent at an early age, having an 847 at age 16, the highest series ever rolled in ABC league play by a teenager. In 1950, he became the youngest to win the All-Star tournament, capturing the title the day after his 21st birthday. He was one of only two men to capture two consecutive ABC Masters titles, winning the crown in 1956 and 1957. He also won three titles in ABC Tournament Classic division play.

Las Vegas
Born: Aug. 15, 1937
Inducted 1992

Horn won four ABC Tournament titles and two PBA crowns in his career. Much of his success has been in the ABC Tournament where he has nine other top 10 finishes, shares the record with 11 consecutive 1,800-plus all events totals, has a 202 average for 21 years and rolled 300 games in the Masters and Classic singles. Horn rolled the first 300 game in Masters history in the 1961 qualifying. He shot another 300 in the 1976 Classic singles.

Kalamazoo, Mich.
Born: Feb. 1, 1930
Inducted 1986

Howard was a steady performer in local competition as well as the ABC Tournament. While not winning an ABC title, he owns three seconds and seven other finishes in the top 10. He went to Detroit from Kalamazoo to join the Strohs team early in his career, then returned to work in a bowling establishment in Kalamazoo.

Born: March 21, 1926
Inducted 1988

Jackson is highly recognized around the world for his coaching abilities as the man who directed U.S. teams in international competition from 1971-79. An international star himself, he won a gold medal in team, silver in doubles and bronze in all events in the 1969 FIQ American Zone tournament in Puerto Rico. The same year, he won three championships in the Tournament of the Americas in Miami. He won the 1969 ABC Tournament all events championship and was eligible for the 1971 U.S. Team Trials until he was forced to withdraw for health reasons. He was then appointed coach.

Los Angeles
Born: May 22, 1930
Inducted 1979

Allisons 42-year ABC Tournament career has included four titles and 10 other top 10 finishes. Allison, known as Mr. 900 for an unapproved 900 series in 1982, went to Chicago from California to bowl with the Pabst team, then shifted to St. Louis and joined the Falstaffs. While on the PBA tour, he often assisted announcers Chris Schenkel and Billy Welu with statistics and color information on the ABC-TV telecasts. He owns six PBA titles and currently serves as an ABC Ambassador.

Dallas, Texas
Born: January 23, 1909
Died: May 20, 1979
Inducted 2003

He unofficially became the first true professional in bowling when he signed a contract to bowl exhibitions for Brunswick at age 20. Jackson won match game and all-events championships in St. Louis, Tennessee, New Orleans, Dallas and Houston during his colorful career. He also was founder and long-time captain of the famous Hermann's Undertakers team in St. Louis. During the 1935 St. Louis city tournament, Jackson (298) and partner Sam Garafolo (287) bowled a 585 game that stood as the ABC doubles record for 28 years. His most amazing feat, however, was topping bowlers from 42 other states for the right to compete for the 1939 and 1940 National Match Games Championships. Jackson lost both multi-city, 160-game match play events to another ABC legend, Ned Day. Beyond his exploits as a bowler, the nearly blind Jackson altered the game forever when he introduced the idea of using "markers" on the lanes for targeting purposes.

Wichita, Kansas
Born: August 14, 1948
Inducted 2002

Jensen honed his on-lanes skills early in Wichita with the help of his father and he reached his first pinnacle by winning an ABC Tournament eagle in doubles with Mark Lewis in 1988 as well as being a part of the team all events champions. The righthander followed with a team title for Wichitas Chilton Vending in 1989 and owns four other top 10 finishes in that national competition. He compiled a 200-plus average for nearly 30 years in that event. Jensen also won the inaugural FIQ World Senior Open Masters title in Reno in 2001 and three senior division titles in the 2001 Tournament of the Americas.

Born: Nov. 28, 1928
Died: June 23, 2006
Inducted 1987

Johnson has been an outstanding bowler over four decades, first in his native Tacoma, Wash., later in Chicago and then in Minneapolis where he has been since the early 1960s. Johnson was recruited by Buddy Bomar to move from Tacoma to Chicago and bowl with Bomars Falstaff Beer team. Later, he performed with other great Chicago teams before moving to the Twin Cities for a stint in the National Bowling League. Johnson owns three ABC Tournament titles and four other top 10 ABC finishes.

Lansing, Mich.
Born: April 11, 1918
Died: June 10, 1988
Inducted 1969

Joseph, noted for one of the smoothest deliveries in the bowling game, was an outstanding semipro football player and fastpitch softball pitcher in his younger days. However, he made bowling his major sport and went on to win three ABC titles plus eight other finishes in the top 10. He won the first Tournament of Champions in 1962 after winning his first pro tournament in St. Louis that same year. He also teamed with Tommy Hudson to win the initial Great and Greatest tournament in 1978.

Born: Jan. 12, 1921
Died: Nov. 18, 1978
Inducted 1979

Jouglard won the first ABC Masters Tournament in 1951. He also captured the ABC Tournament singles and team all events titles that year en route to earning BWAA Bowler of the Year honors. He was one of the few stars who stayed with the three-step approach. While an outstanding individual performer, he always

Born: Nov. 14, 1888
Died: Dec. 19, 1968
Inducted 1967

Kartheiser began a brilliant career in 1899 when he was 11 years old. He became interested in the sport and began to earn money by setting pins. Within a few years his skill improved, and he was sought by top-flight Chicago teams, including the famous Brunswick Mineralites. He was a top star on that club for 10 years. In addition to his league performances, Kartheiser was considered one of the nations top head-to-head competitors. He held the national match game championship in 1926 and among his seven other tournament titles was the Petersen Classic in 1924.

Born: Nov. 15, 1907
Died: Dec. 4, 1976
Inducted 1968

Kawolics gained his early fame in Cleveland and then bowled with several outstanding Chicago teams, including those captained by Buddy Bomar and Paul Krumske, who also are in the Hall of Fame. In addition to his two ABC championships, he won 20 other tournament titles. As a professional, Kawolics was ineligible to compete in the 5th FIQ World Tournament in Mexico City in 1963. However, he was named coach of both the mens and womens teams, the first ever to represent the U.S. in world competition.

Born: March 21, 1901
Died: July 18, 1976
Inducted 1976

Kissoff won the 1953 ABC Tournament doubles championship with Eddie Koepp and captured eight other tournament titles. He was a billiards expert in his youth, adept at the kiss shot. His real name was Zelinsky, but he finally adopted Kissoff as a reflection of his billiards skill. He was equally adept on the bowling lanes.

Las Vegas
Born: July 13, 1910
Died: Jan. 31, 1997
Inducted 1982

The 1952 ABC Tournament was a memorable one for Klares as he captured two titles, establishing one record in the process. He teamed with fellow Hall of Famer Steve Nagy to win the doubles championship with a then-record 1,453 series, Klares contributing 755. The record stood until 1989. He also captained Radiart Corp. of Cleveland and led it to the team all events title. After later moving to California, he served as technical adviser on Milton Berles Jackpot Bowling television show and became nationally recognized for being the umpire on that show.

Born: April 21, 1887
Died: May 16, 1944
Inducted 1954

In 1913 in Toledo, Knox rolled the first 300 game in ABC Tournament history. He won the ABC all events title 10 years later with 2,019, the first total above 2,000 and the record until 1933. Knox built a great reputation for match game and league bowling in the East. He once rolled a 300 game while a screen was suspended at the foul line so he couldnt see the pins.

East Nyack, N.Y.
Born: Jan. 21, 1872
Died: Aug. 14, 1945
Inducted 1941

Koster was the first to win four ABC Tournament titles, a record unmatched until Joe Wilman won his fourth in 1954. Only 27 pins kept Koster from winning the singles title in the first ABC Tournament in 1901.

Born: Feb. 2, 1893
Died: June 9, 1978
Inducted 1973

Krems was regarded as the best all-around bowler in Chicago in the 1920s. He was captain of the strong Pabst team for many years. From 1926 through 1935, he had a 200 ABC Tournament average. He won an ABC championship in 1920 and nine other tournament titles.

Columbus, Ohio
Born: Dec. 8, 1920
Inducted 1968

Kristof made his name in Chicago as a member of the Kathryns and Tavern Pales teams that won the BPAA team championships in 1947, 1948 and 1949. He was also captain of the famed Pabst team from 1955-59. Known as one of the games great stylists, Kristof later moved to Columbus to open his own pro shop. He finished second to Hall member Buzz Fazio in the 1955 Masters. He won his only ABC title six years later, teaming with Hall member Don Ellis for the Classic doubles crown.

Born: July 25, 1912
Died: July 23, 1979
Inducted 1968

Krumske captained numerous great Chicago teams, among them King Louie and Meister Brau. He also developed many young stars. He was voted Chicagos bowler of the half-century in a 1951 Chicago Bowler newspaper poll. Krumske won the National Match Game title in 1944 from Ned Day, but lost the title a month later in the All-Star Tournament. He was one of the few to have won three national match play titles in individual, doubles and team play.

Lake Mills, Wis.
Born: June 20, 1901
Died: Oct. 8, 1982
Inducted 1941

Lange rose to early stardom as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, paying his way through school with money won in tournaments. He was the first to roll nine 200 games in one ABC Tournament, doing it in 1922. Six years later, he won his only ABC title. He also was the first to have five all events totals above 1,900. Lange bowled with such famous Chicago teams as the 1928 ABC champion Oh Henrys, Monarch Beer, Quaker Oats and Chapin & Gore.

Los Angeles
Born: Feb. 16, 1916
Died: Aug. 2, 1993
Inducted 1976

Lauman bowled with the Hermann Undertakers of St. Louis for several years. The sponsor, the late Cone Hermann, is believed to be the first to pay a bowler a yearly salary. This was his arrangement with Lauman for nearly three years after Laumans discharge from the service and until he moved to California in 1949. He was second in doubles and all events in the 1947 ABC Tournament and earned $1,531, the most of any individual that year.

Wichita, Kansas
Born: June 17, 1955
Inducted 2004

Lewis vaulted into national attention in 1987 when he became the sports first male National Amateur Champion. It was the start of an outstanding amateur career that included consecutive berths on Team USA (1988 and 1989) as well as success in ABC Tournament and international competition. In the 1988 ABC Tournament he was a member of the Chilton Vending team that won the team all-events title and he partnered with fellow Hall of Famer Mark Jensen to win Regular Doubles. Also in 1988, he was bowlings representative in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea, where bowling was conducted as an exhibition sport. He finished sixth in the individual competition. In 1989, he returned with Chilton Vending to win the Regular Team title and won a gold medal in trios and a silver medal in team in the 1989 FIQ American Zone Championships. He won his fourth ABC Tournament title in 2001 as a member of Team USA Support No. 2, which won the Team All-Events title.

Born: Oct. 13, 1927
Inducted 1972

After winning his first two ABC Tournament titles in 1955 with the Detroit Pfeiffers, Lillard made bowling history on March 24-25, 1956 when he became the first man to win four titles in one ABC Tournament, bowling with the team and team all events champion Falstaffs, pairing with Stan Gifford for the doubles crown and capturing the individual all events as well. He gained his seventh title in 1962, then tied Hall of Famer Fred Bujack for the most lifetime ABC championships when he notched his eighth in 1971.

Born: May 23, 1919
Inducted 1979

Lindemann became active in bowling after moving to Detroit in 1942 and soon developed enough talent to join some of the strongest teams in that city. He became a member of the Strohs in 1950 and succeeded Buzz Fazio, also an ABC Hall of Famer, as captain of that crew in 1957. He was a double winner in the 1951 ABC as a member of the team all events champion while also winning the all events. Lindemann also won the BPAA National Doubles in 1951, 1952 and 1954 with Fazio and won the team championship with Strohs in 1952, 1953 and 1954.

Stamford, Conn.
Born: Dec. 20, 1888
Died: May 16, 1959
Inducted 1941

Lindsey was one of the first of the games colorful performers, a delightful storyteller, an admirer of good food and a fearless competitor under any conditions. The three-time ABC Tournament champion started bowling in 1902 but leaned toward semipro baseball as a catcher and also was proficient at billiards. At age 64, he finished fourth in the Bowlers Journal tournament and until age slowed him a few years later, he entered many events where most of the competitors were less than half his age.

Born: Nov. 8, 1911
Died: Oct. 1, 1995
Inducted 1989

Regarded as one of the finest team bowlers in the Chicago area for many years, Lippe was one of the unsung stars of a bygone era. His 36-year ABC Tournament average was 193 and he was a member of the Old Fitzgerald fivesome that captured the 1963 team title and 1964 team all events crown. He also captured two gold medals in the 1963 FIQ World Championships in Mexico City when ABC made its official debut in international events.

Born: Sept. 3, 1929
Inducted 1971

, Lubanski became the second man to win four ABC titles in one Tournament, after earning one crown in 1951. He quit baseball at the age of 21 to join Ed (Sarge) Easter (67 years old) as the youngest-oldest duo ever crowned BPAA National Doubles champions. Lubanski was one of the last of the top stars to use a two-finger ball. He also was a member of BPAA championship teams in 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1964.

Morrisville, Pa.
Born: Oct. 6, 1912
Died: Jan. 29, 1998
Inducted 1978

Lucci rolled his first 300 game in the doubles of the 1951 ABC Tournament in St. Paul, Minn. By winning the all events title in 1960, Lucci became the second person in history to roll a perfect game in one ABC Tournament and win a championship in another. Fellow Hall member Billy Knox was the first. Lucci won three events in the 1978 ABC National Seniors Tournament and rolled a 300 game at age 80 in 1993.

Born: Nov. 27, 1889
Died: July 12, 1976
Inducted 1941

Marino came to Chicago when he was 11 years old and it was there he began his career and became a star. He moved to Milwaukee in 1930 where he operated a bowling establishment until retiring in 1965. He was the only bowler of prominence to spin the ball while it was hanging on the thumb. The one-time ABC champion was elected Bowler of the Half Century in 1951 and later named to the Bowling Magazines Pre-1950 All-America team. He won three championships in the Berlin international competition held before the 1936 Olympics.

Syracuse, N.Y.
Born: July 8, 1897
Died: Sept. 2, 1985
Inducted 1969

Martino made his mark in three levels of the game. He was an outstanding bowler, holding a 190 average after 41 ABC Tournaments. In 1929, he won the all events title in an international event in Stockholm, Sweden, the first gold medal won by an American in international play. He also was active in administrative positions, serving as ABC President (1947-48) and also president of the New York and Syracuse associations and served as the first president of the Bowling Writers Association of America.

Torrance, Calif.
Born: July 3, 1935
Inducted 1993

A three-time ABC Tournament champion, Marzich owns three other top 10 finishes and a 25-year career Tournament average of 195. He captured doubles with Dick Jensen in 1960 and earned team titles with the Falstaffs in 1964 and Shur-Hooks in 1966. Marzich won the first of his six PBA titles in St. Paul in 1962 and the last in San Diego in 1964. He was a member of the Falstaffs when they captured the 1963 National Team Match Game event and joined Ed Hardnett in winning the 1962 Bowlers Journal doubles.

Anaheim, Calif.
Born: May 13, 1946
Inducted 1993

McGrath made a sensational professional debut, winning the first PBA tournament he entered in 1965 at Portland, Ore. at age 19. He also was the hero in the first ABC Tournament Classic division team rolloff series in 1970 at Knoxville, Tenn. when he converted the difficult 1-3-6-9 spare that brought his Merchant Enterprises the title by eight pins. He later added two other ABC titles. In 1970, he became the first bowler to win consecutive PBA National Tournament titles. He retired from the tour with 10 titles.

River Edge, N.J.
Born: Jan. 3, 1912
Died: Nov. 1, 1974
Inducted 1955

McMahon was one of the great ABC Tournament bowlers of all time. Starting with his first Tournament in 1937, he rolled four straight 1,800s, missed by 21 pins in 1941 and then had seven more 1,800s on his way to two titles. He bowled with leading New York area teams until 1945 when he moved to Chicago, where he competed with the Monarch and Meister Brau teams. He moved to Fair Lawn, N.J. shortly after winning the 1951 All-Star tournament. McMahon was named to the Bowling Magazine Pre-1950 All-America second team, and was voted BWAA Bowler of the Year in 1950.

Darold Meisel
Muskego, Wis.
Born: Nov. 7, 1947
Died: May 13, 1994
Inducted 1998

Meisel constructed a brilliant career on the national and international levels. He captured the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs American Zone Masters title in 1989 to cap a career that included 24 medals in international competition for TEAM USA. Meisel was the National Amateur Champion in 1988 and had four ABC Tournament Championships. He also won numerous state and local titles.

Born: July 24, 1896
Died: Jan. 25, 1972
Inducted 1967

Mercurio was an outstanding Cleveland tenpin star for almost three decades. Skang, a nickname picked up from a baseball catcher of a bygone era, Wally Schang, turned in one of bowlings greatest performances when he averaged 238 for an entire season in the Tomasch All-Star league in 1934-35. In 1929, Mercurio lost a 60-game match against Ad Carlson by 240 pins, but completed the 60 games without a miss. He stretched that mark to 65 games before missing a 10 pin.

St. Louis
Born: Dec. 30, 1933
Died: June 26, 1981
Inducted 1984

If ever anyone came to bowl in the annual ABC Tournament, Meyers was the man. He won four Classic Division championships in the 1960s and 70s and finished in the top 10 another 16 times, including the runnerup position on four occasions. In 1971, he bowled series of 847, 816 and 806 in a four-hour span in a doubles tournament. He is the only man named Southern California Bowler of the Year three times and was the brother-in-law of Hall of Famer Dick Weber.

Born: Aug. 10, 1913
Died: Nov. 10, 1966
Inducted 1963

Nagy bowled in his first ABC Tournament in 1939 as a Booster division entrant and 13 years later set an ABC doubles record 1,453 with fellow Hall of Famer Johnny Klares that stood until 1989. Nagy compiled an outstanding record during the 1950s, including five ABC championships and selection to Bowling Magazines All-America first team twice (1956, 1958) and the second team in 1957. He was named BWAA Bowler of the Year in 1952 and 1955, and he earned a first-team berth on Bowling Magazines Post-1950 All-America.

San Diego
Born: Feb. 10, 1908
Died: Feb. 19, 2001
Inducted 1954

Norris, still an active bowler at 92, became the third person in ABC Tournament history to knock down 100,000 pins on March 12, 1986. He set the record for all-time pinfall on March 10, 1992 and entered 2000 with 122,388 pins, a 193 average for 70 ABCs, the second-longest participation in Tournament history. On Dec. 14, 1994, he became the oldest person with a 300 game at age 86, a record that stood for more than four years. Norris, who had become well known through his bowling feats in Detroit, started on the road to superstardom when he organized the Strohs Beer team in 1933. Under his captaincy, the Strohs won the 1934 ABC Tournament championship (he won two other ABC titles) and also won the National Match Game championship five times between 1934 and 1945. He also competed in the international exhibition before the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.

St. Louis
Born: Oct. 12, 1913
Died: March 28, 2001
Inducted 1968

ODonnell learned his bowling in St. Louis and soon developed enough skill to join the then famous Hermann Undertakers. He then moved to Detroit and was a standout on the E&B and Pfeiffers teams before returning to St. Louis to open a bowling supply store. The two-time ABC champion was a member of the Budweiser lineup of Pat Patterson, Don Carter, Bill Lillard, Dick Weber, Ray Bluth and Tom Hennessey, all of whom are in the Hall. Ironically, when the Buds bowled the record 3,858 series, ODonnell was captain of the opposing Pulaski Savings team which had a 3,494 total.

Charlotte, N.C.
Born: March 1, 1947
Inducted 1989

Pappas extended his excellent ABC Tournament consistency record in 1988 when he took over the lead for lifetime average with his 209.67 mark for 20 years, continuing in the top spot through 1997 at 209.67. Pappas victory in the 1979 Tournament of Champions capped a fine decade for the former PBA President. In the 1970s, Pappas won six PBA titles, 10 PBA regionals, two ABC Tournament championships and had 12 other top 10 ABC finishes. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was named four times to Bowling Magazines All-America second team in the 70s before making it to the first team in 1979.

St. Louis
Born: Oct. 30, 1925
Died: May 9, 1972
Inducted 1974

Patterson was low man with 736 when the St. Louis Budweisers bowled the record 3,858 series in 1958. Earlier, he was a member of the Ziern Antiques, a great St. Louis team that included Tom Hennessey, Ray Bluth and Don Carter at the beginning of their careers. Patterson was a member of the Budweiser team when it was organized and succeeded Whitey Harris as captain, continuing in that role when the team later became Don Carter Gloves. The team, under the two names, won six BPAA team championships, and Carter Gloves captured the 1962 ABC Classic team title.

Versailles, Ind.
Born: May 3, 1960
Inducted 2006

Rick Pollard, along with brother Ron, excelled in the American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament (now USBC Open Championships). He was a member of the winning 1996 ABC Tournament team all-events champion which bowled a record 10,425 total and also finished third in doubles. He also was a member of the second-place ABC Tournament Regular team in 1994. He has four other ABC Tournament top-10 finishes. Along with other national, state and local titles, he was a member of the 1998 ABC/Brunswick World Team Challenge Grand Championship team.

Versailles, Ind.
Born: Nov. 4, 1961
Inducted 2006

Ron Pollard, along with brother Rick, excelled in the American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament (now USBC Open Championships). He was a member of the winning 1996 ABC Tournament team all-events champion which bowled a record 10,425 total and also finished third in doubles. He also was a member of the second-place ABC Tournament Regular team in 1994. Rick has five other ABC Tournament top-10 finishes. Along with other national, state and local titles, he was a member of the 1998 ABC/Brunswick World Team Challenge Grand Championship team.

Maumee, Ohio
Born: Oct. 1, 1924
Inducted 2000

Powell's prominence came from the 1950s through early 1970s. He had six top 10 ABC Tournament finishes including second places in Classic all events in 1962 and in the team event in 1971. His other top five finishes were fourth in the 1950 doubles with Bill Meyers and fourth in the 1959 Masters. He also was runner-up in the 1959 Petersen Classic singles.

River Falls, Wis.
Born: Nov. 3, 1938
Inducted 1984

Ritger, once a top-flight professional, now devotes full time to his career as an instructor worldwide. Ritger became the fourth man to win 20 PBA titles and the first bowler to be elected to a college or university hall of fame. That honor came in 1979 when his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, inducted him to the Wall of Fame. The two-time ABC titlist has authored several bowling instructional books including the ABC instruction book, Bowlers Guide.

Born: Nov. 20, 1926
Died: June 1990
Inducted 1993

Rogoznica was born in Yugoslavia but nurtured his bowling career in Chicago. He won the 1966 ABC Classic doubles with Jim Stefanich and finished second in team twice. He also finished third, fourth, eighth and 10th in other ABC Tournament appearances and averaged 196 for 37 years. He won the 1962 PBA Birmingham Open and was first in the 1965 BPAA Team Match Game championships.

Born: Nov. 23, 1933
Inducted 1979

Salvino first burst onto the national scene when helped Tri-Par Radio to the 1954 ABC title. He later won another ABC title when he teamed with Barry Asher for the 1972 Classic doubles crown. His PBA career was going smoothly until he began a slump in 1969 that lasted until 1973 when he and engineer Hank Lahr devised the Equation bowling ball which turned his game around. He now is very much involved with new developments in bowling balls. But he has continued to show his prowess on the lanes with a Senior tour win in 1984 and a Senior/Touring Pro title with Randy Pedersen in 1988.

Superior, Wisconsin
Born: July 27, 1959
Inducted 2005

Savoy is one of bowlings most prolific team players earning five team titles while averaging 214.2 for 22 tournaments, second among active players. He was a member of the Minnesota Loons teams that won the 1984 team and team all-events, 1985 team all-events and 1988 team titles. Bowling with Linds Lakers, he also won the 2002 team all-events title.

His prowess as a team competitor carried over to international competition where he won gold medals in the five-player and trio events and a bronze in doubles in the 1985 Federation Internationale des Quilleurs American Zone Championships in Bogota, Colombia.

Born: May 12, 1930
Inducted 1991

Schissler rolled one of bowlings most dramatic games when he strung 12 strikes for a 300 in the Classic team event in the 1967 ABC Tournament. It was the first 300 in team play in ABC Tournament history. In 1966, he also had a brilliant ABC performance, taking three titles. Schissler returned to the pro spotlight when he finished fourth in the 1983 ABC Masters.

Vancouver, Wash.
Born: April 11, 1943
Inducted 1997

Schlegel, a steady and controversial performer on the pro tour, once was known for his flamboyant antics and attire on the lanes. The 1996 ABC Bud Light Masters champion has won six PBA tour titles. He also has had success in ABC Tournament competition as a member of the 1970 Classic team champion Merchants, finishing third with Basch Advertising in Classic team in 1976 and fifth in Classic doubles with Joe Nuzzo in 1978. The PBA Hall of Famer served as PBA president in 1987 and 1988.

Buffalo, N.Y.
Born: May 31, 1929
Inducted 1990

Schroeders bowling talents, developed in Buffalo, were good enough to earn him spots on outstanding teams in St. Louis (Falstaffs) and Detroit (Strohs). The 1976 ABC Classic singles champ is a charter member of the PBA and has been a member of the AMF Staff of Champions for 30 years. He also is bowling director for Special Olympics International.

Madison, Wis.
Born: Jan. 2, 1917
Died: Aug. 3, 1982
Inducted 1968

Schwoegler became a bowling sensation when he won the 1942 All-Star at age 24 and repeated as champion in 1948. He was named BWAA Bowler of the Year in 1949. Schwoegler won 15 other tournament titles. In 1948, Schwoegler pioneered an extended ball grip which was copyrighted under his name and led to the popularity of what is now known as the fingertip grip.

Born: Sept. 21, 1951
Inducted 1999

Scudder won the first of three ABC Tournament titles in 1982 as part of the Carl's Bowlers Paddock team champion. His other ABC Tournament victories were in 1992 in team all events with Pollard's Bowl and in singles. In 1998, he was a member of ABBA Treb de Fox that captured the Brunswick/ABC World Team Challenge Grand Championships. He also has won three Petersen Classic and two Hoinke Classic team titles and Bowler's Journal and International Eliminator singles crowns.

River Edge, N.J.
Born: April 16, 1934
Inducted 1991

Semiz has been one of the nations best bowlers, although he continues to divide his time between the Senior pro tour and his pro shop. He won the ABC Tournament Classic singles and all events titles in 1972. Semiz has won 10 PBA titles and has also done well in ABC Masters play, finishing fourth in 1973, seventh in 1983 and 11th in 1987. Semiz also rolled a 300 in match play of the 1983 Masters and finished fifth in the 1997 Masters.

Born: Dec. 10, 1915
Died: May 1, 1964
Inducted 1968

Sielaff captained the Pfeiffers team from its organization as E&B in 1944 until 1958 when he turned over the reins to Ed Lubanski. He was part of seven of E&B/Pfeifferss unprecedented four ABC Tournament team titles and five team all events championships. Sielaff, who captured 13 other tournament titles, remained the seventh man in the Pfeiffer lineup after stepping down as captain.

Born: Jan. 28, 1909
Died: June 26, 1981
Inducted 1977

Sinke teamed with Herb Freitag to win the 1940 ABC Tournament doubles title, and he won the BPAA doubles crown with fellow Hall of Famer Paul Krumske in 1945. His list of other tournament titles numbered 19. Sinke also was a standout for several years in the Chicago Classic league. He used a two-finger ball and a three-step approach.

Born: Nov. 30, 1899
Died: Nov. 1, 1983
Inducted 1961

Sixty wrote for the Milwaukee Journal sports staff from 1914-74. He was noted nationally for both golf and bowling writing, plus being highly proficient at both sports. He captained several outstanding Milwaukee teams including the match game champion Heil Products. He won the Wisconsin Match Game championship in 1931, 1932, 1937 and 1944. He won one ABC title.

Akron, Ohio
Born: April 29, 1930
Inducted 1978

Smith gained a reputation as an outstanding bowler while still in his teens in the Cleveland area. He moved to Detroit in 1955 and performed with the great Pfeiffers team, then moved to St. Louis to compete with the Falstaffs. Called Tiger by his bowling rivals because of his fierce competitive spirit, he has won four ABC Tournament titles and owns an outstanding ABC Masters record, winning the 1963 title and having five other finishes in the top eight.

Buffalo, N.Y.
Born: Sept. 19, 1885
Died: April 21, 1946
Inducted 1941

Smith was principally an exhibition bowler, although he won two ABC Tournament all events titles. He was named to the first team of Bowling Magazines Pre-1950 All-America squad. He twice won the Petersen Classic in Chicago. In 1928, in one of the few arranged matches of his career, he defeated John (Count) Gengler to send that fabled gentleman into retirement.

Bradenton, Fla.
Born: March 7, 1940
Inducted 1985

Soutar still is active on the Senior pro tour, where he won the 1990 Senior/Touring Pro Doubles event and 2000 ABC Senior Masters. In 1973, he became the first undefeated ABC Masters champion in six years. He owns one other ABC Tournament crown plus many other high finishes. Dave and his wife Judy are one of the few successful husband-wife pro bowling teams. Judy is a member of the WIBC Hall of Fame.

Rego Park, N.Y.
Born: Jan. 18, 1906
Died: Sept. 22, 1989
Elected 1968

Impaired vision failed to keep Sparando from becoming one of the Easts all-time great stars. Tony was one of the few remaining top stars who pin bowled rather than spot bowled. Among famous Eastern teams he bowled with were Ronson Lighters and Faber Cement Block. Teammates on the Fabers included fellow Hall of Famers Lou Campi, Lindy Faragalli, Chuck Pezzano and Graz Castellano.

Vernon Hills, Ill.
Born: Oct. 19, 1949
Inducted 2001

Spigner achieved success in both ABC Tournament and PBA competition. He earned his ABC Tournament title as a member of the 1996 team all events champion. He has 12 other ABC Tournament top 10 finishes to his credit including second place in the 1994 team event. He also finished second in the 1979 Masters. Other top PBA finishes included second in the 1978 U.S. Open and fourth in the 1980 Tournament of Champions.

San Bernardino, Calif.
Born: Feb. 1, 1893
Died: Nov 28, 1991
Inducted 1968

Spinella was nicknamed Jumping Jack during his heyday as one of the greatest bowlers in the New York area because of his leaping antics on the approach after delivering his ball. He was regarded as one of the greatest 1-3 pocket shooters in the sports history. He was famous in the hardwood duckpin circles and once held the worlds record average for five games145. He was a three-time ABC Tournament champion, taking the all events title in 1922 and 1927 and sharing the doubles with brother Chris in 1922.

Born: Oct. 3, 1880
Died: Feb. 13, 1963
Inducted 1941

On April 18, 1955, Steers was presented with a diamond lapel pin for being the first man to bowl in 50 ABC Tournaments. Steers did not participate in the first ABC Tournament in 1901, but was a scoremarker. The next year he participated and won the doubles event. He missed again in 1903, then bowled in every one from 1904 until 1962. Steers won the first Petersen Classic in 1921 in Chicago.

Joliet, Ill.
Born: Nov. 1, 1941
Inducted 1983

An outstanding ABC Tournament competitor, Stefanich has won seven titles, one short of the record. In ABC Masters play, he has finished in third place three times and fifth once. Stefanich also had a fine international career as a non-professional, being a member of the U.S. teams in the 1963 and 1964 FIQ competitions and winning four gold medals. As a professional he has won 13 PBA titles, including the 1967 Tournament of Champions.

St. Louis
Born: Jan. 20, 1893
Died: March 16, 1949
Inducted 1971

Stein compiled an outstanding record in St. Louis, where few challenged his supremacy as a match game bowler in the 1920s and 30s. He was one of the first to roll three 1,900 all events totals in the ABC Tournament, winning the 1929 crown with 1,974. Stein won the National Match Game title in 1934 by defeating Joe Miller of Buffalo, then lost it the following year to Hank Marino.

Lebanon, Pa.
Born: Oct. 17, 1931
Inducted 1991

Stoudts career reached its zenith in 1975 when he became the second straight American to win the coveted FIQ World individual championship in London. Two years later, he earned a title in the mixed foursomes event of the Tournament of the Americas. His clutch 10th frame strike, in the 14th and final game, gave him the all events title at the Canada-U.S.A. Friendship matches. That reputation became further embellished at the ABC Tournament where the veteran garnered ABC championships in 1968, 1970 and 1978.

Born: April 14, 1931
Inducted 1977

Strampe gained his early fame as a member of leading teams in the Minneapolis area, then joined the Strohs of Detroit. The four-time ABC champion returned to the Twin Cities for a year to bowl with the Minnesota entry in the National Bowling League in 1960-61. When the league folded, he rejoined the Strohs before eventually heading out for the pro tournament trail. He followed Don Carter as the second person to win the BPAA All-Star in 1963, PBA National in 1964 and ABC Masters in 1966. He is one of the few bowlers with 300 games in five different decades.

Born: Jan. 29, 1896
Died: Feb. 19, 1980
Inducted 1971

He was one of four Thoma brothers who earned five ABC Tournament championships during a nine-year period. Thoma, one of the top bowlers during the World War I era, had two of those and also recorded many top finishes in Illinois B.A. tournaments and won the Petersen Fall Classic in 1916.

Lake Elmo, Minn.
Born: April 30, 1945
Inducted 1991

Toft became a four-time ABC Tournament champion in 1985 as a member of the Minnesota Loons No. 1 team which successfully defended its 1984 team all events crown. Toft also found success in international play, winning three titles in the 1979 Tournament of the Americas and two in the 1984 event. Toft won a silver medal in the five player event of the 1983 FIQ World Tournament in Caracas, Venezuela. He also earned one gold and two silver medals in the 1983 Pan-Am Games.

Born: Aug. 31, 1928
Died: March 25, 1990
Inducted 1996

One one of Detroits all-time greats, Totsky was named King of Detroit bowlers five times, a feat unequaled in what is regarded as the nations strongest bowling community. While he won one ABC title, the 1973 Classic Team crown with the famous Strohs, he had 12 other top 10 finishes and had a 26-year average of 197.

Tucson, Ariz.
Born: Aug. 8, 1938
Inducted 1989

Tountas has a share of one of bowlings greatest records with a string of 21 four-game series above 800 in ABC Masters competition, ending with a 794 block of the 1968 finals. The one-time ABC champion went on to win the title that year. However, perhaps his proudest moment came in the 1988 ABC Tournament when he and son Michael finished ninth in doubles.

Born: Oct. 10, 1926
Inducted 1988

Tucker came to bowling stardom in St. Louis where he was in the shadow of the top stars with the Budweiser and Falstaff teams of the 1950s. In 1958, he won the ABC doubles with Jim Vrenick, then a decade later rolled a 300 game as he and Don Johnson won the Classic doubles. In 1971, he became the first to roll two 300s on ABC Tournament lanes when he had a perfect game in the Masters. Tucker won the 1961 BPAA All-Star tournament, the first year in which he qualified for the 16-man, round-robin finals.

King, N.C.
Born: May 12, 1929
Inducted 1995

Tuttle was a stellar competitor in the ABC Tournament and on the professional tour in the 1960s. His ABC title was in 1965 as a member of the Thelmal Lanes fivesome that captured the Classic team event. Two second-place and two third-place Classic division finishes plus six other top 10 places helped Tuttle to a 201 average for 25 ABCs. He also won three PBA national titles and continues to compete in PBA senior events.

Hempstead, N.Y.
Born: March 31, 1891
Died: Aug. 25, 1984
Inducted 1957

Varipapa developed trick shot bowling to its peak and through that ability starred in the first bowling film short, Strikes and Spares, in 1934. He made more such films than any bowler. He was a leading instructor and exhibition bowler, one of the first to make nationwide tours. Varipapas bowling ability often was overshadowed by his trick shooting, but his achievements on the lanes have been almost legendary. At age 55, he won the 1946 All-Star tournament and the following year became the first to repeat as All-Star champion. He also won the BPAA doubles in 1947 and 1948 with fellow Hall of Famer Lou Campi.

Scottsdale, Ariz.
Born: Nov. 29, 1897
Died: Feb. 8, 1984
Elected 1959

During World War II, Ward gave exhibitions at 263 military bases. He had series scores of at least 700 an amazing 317 times. Ward holds six Cleveland B.A. titles and three Ohio B.A. titles.

St. Louis
Born: Dec. 23, 1929
Inducted 1970

No bowler has spanned decades of superior performance better than this Indianapolis native who has won pro tournaments in five decades. Weber came on the scene in the 1950s with the fabled Budweisers of St. Louis and has won major titles in nearly every portion of the United States. The three-time Bowler of the Year won one ABC Tournament title, is a four-time All-Star champion and teamed with Ray Bluth to win four BPAA doubles crowns and was a member of six BPAA national team champions. Weber was voted to the Bowling Magazine All-America first team 11 times. He was edged by teammate Don Carter in 1970 voting for the honor of Greatest Bowler of All-Time but was chosen as the best in the 1900s in a 1999 Bowling Magazine poll. As a member of the Buds, Weber bowled 258, 258, 259 when the team posted the longtime record 3,858 in 1958.

In 1959

St. Ann, Missouri
Born: August 21, 1962
Inducted 2002

Weber established a record never to be broken when he rolled a 300 game in his first ABC sanctioned adult league at age 15. Since then he went on to become one of the best known players in PBA history, surpassing his legendary father Dick in 2001 when he won his 27th pro title. They are the second father-son players to earn Hall membership. The righthander became the third $2 million winner and was a 10-time Bowling Magazine All-American. He finished second twice in the ABC Masters. Weber was the youngest player to complete the PBAs Triple Crown.

Born: July 30, 1932
Died: May 16, 1974
Inducted 1975

After serving a stint with the Budweisers, Welu became captain of the Falstaffs and led them to national honors in ABC and BPAA team action. He also was a great individual performer, scoring back-to-back victories in the 1964-65 ABC Masters and winning the 1959 All-Star. At 64 and 230 pounds, he was proof that big men can be stars in bowling. For many years, he was the color commentator on PBA telecasts with broadcaster Chris Schenkel.

Lewisburg, Pa.
Born: Jan. 19, 1947
Inducted 1999

He first burst onto the major bowling scene in 1966 when he won the ABC Tournament all events title with 2,004. Later that year, he earned two gold medals in the Tournament of the Americas in Miami and capped off the year by becoming the first American champion in the World Cup in London. He added another ABC title in 1977 in Classic team and had five other top 10 finishes. His 885 series in 1972 stood as the best three-game set for left-handers for more than two decades and for a while in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he held the ABC record for most career 300 games.

Ocala, Florida
Born: Oct. 6, 1959
Inducted 2005

Williams, who was selected in his first year of eligibility, won the 54th Masters conducted in Reno, Nev., in January 2004 after finishing second the previous year. Having competed in 20 Masters, he holds a 210.8 average which ranks sixth on ABCs lifetime average list.

At the time of his election in 2004, his 40 career PBA Tour titles ranked second behind the late Earl Anthony, who won 41 titles plus a pair of ABC Masters championships. Williams is PBAs all-time earnings leader with more than $3.4 million and he has won at least one PBA Tour title in 12 straight seasons.

Williams earned a record seven Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Year honors and shares the record of six PBA Player of the Year crowns with Anthony.

Born: Dec. 20, 1905
Died: Oct. 22, 1969
Inducted 1951

Wilman was the second man to win four ABC Tournament championships and the first with two 2,000 all events totals. Wilman was one of the games leading instructors and analysts. He was an excellent radio and television commentator on bowling. Noted for his ability to play lanes, he also was famous for his ready grin and rapid gum chewing. He was named to Bowling Magazines first-team All-America Pre-1950 team.

Born: Oct. 7, 1869
Died: June 16, 1936
Inducted 1961

Wolf came to Chicago in 1899, where he soon gained a reputation as a rough and ready competitor who never gave up in a match. He won his third ABC Tournament title in 1928 at age 58. Included in his other tournament triumphs was a pair of Illinois B.A. championships.

Racine, Wis.
Born: Dec. 29, 1946
Inducted 1990

Wonders has had a splendid career on all levels. In international competition, Wonders won a gold in team and bronze in singles in the 1981 FIQ Zone Tournament and in the 1983 FIQ World won a silver in five player, bronze in trios and another bronze in all events. He earned three silver medals in the 1983 Pan-Am Games and also placed fourth in the International Amateur Tournament in 1984. In the U.S., he owns five ABC Tournament titles including three in 1982. In the process, he earned $7,350 to set a single Tournament record and also was the first to post 700-plus series in singles and doubles for two consecutive years.

Born: Oct. 3, 1909
Died: Aug. 30, 1959
Inducted 1959

Young was a member of the four-time ABC Tournament champion E&B/Pfeiffer team and won two other ABC titles. He had one of the most glittering ABC Tournament records with an unparalleled string of nine consecutive all events totals above 1,800. Between 1942 and 1958 (with three years out for World War II when there was no Tournament), his only total below 1,800 was 1778 in 1949. His 202 lifetime average was the highest in history for 20 or more tournaments at that time.

Tempe, Ariz.
Born: Jan. 20, 1941
Inducted 1980

Zahn became the youngest bowler ever to be inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame until Nelson Burton Jr.s induction in 1981. A one-time ABC champion, he was a teenage sensation in Milwaukee, reaching a 222 league average in 1960-61. At age 19, he finished ninth in the All-Star tournament, the youngest ever to finish that high. He later moved to Tempe where he operates a 24-lane center. The 14-time PBA titlist and PBA Hall of Famer rolled the first 300 game ever in the Hall of Fame Tournament in 1989.

Born: Oct. 15, 1934
Inducted 1983

Zikes is the only man to win ABC Tournament titles in three successive years. He was a member of the winning teams in 1962 and 1963 and took the all events and team all events titles in 1964 in addition to two other championships. His 1963 win qualified him for the United States team in the 1963 FIQ World Tournament, thereby launching him on what was to become the most decorated nonprofessional, international career in bowling history. He collected no less than eight gold medals during two FIQ World and one American Zone championships. He was the all events champion in both the 1963 World and 1964 American Zone.

Born: March 14, 1901
Died: Dec. 19, 1938
Inducted 1941

Zunker was a strong team bowler who helped make the Heil Products team consisting of Hall of Fame members Hank Marino, Charley Daw, Ned Day and Billy Sixty a feared club in the middle 1930s. He died at age 37 after suffering a cold for a brief time. He was the first to roll two 700s in one ABC Tourna